Monday, 29 August 2011


The one thing I am continually moaning about is the lack of time I have to do whatever I like, be it painting figures, going to the pub or going out for the odd hike, and usually my 3 little boys get the brunt of the blame in any conversation I have with friends (or indeed Mrs. Atticus). Of course as we know a good deal of time is spent plugged into the pc and I can happily waste an entire evening trawling the net instead of buckling down to some serious toy soldier work.

I took a few days off work last week to do some family things and one of the great days out we had was our yearly trip to Giffords Circus. This band of merry entertainers tour the Cotswolds (usually annually) and put on an absolutely first rate show of (cliche approacheth) good old fashioned family entertainment. Superb jugglers, stunning acrobatics and  hilarious clowning about, the 3 Things (aged 8, 5 and 1) were completely glued to the show for what must have been 2 hours. It is so refreshing to get this sort of thing nowadays and it's one of the rare occassions I will put my hand in my pocket and cough up quite happily.

The theme of this years act was War and Peace, and I was pretty impressed with some of the uniforms and props they turned out. Here are a few pics of the show anyhow
Mrs. Atticus and Thing 3 admiring the pipe organ (he couldn't get enough of it)

Part of the beastly French army

The prancing bantam emperor having thrown all these knives into a map of Russia (from his mouth)

An inverted fiddler

These juggling brothers are really jolly skillful, the rest of the French army appears in the left background (I must check those uniforms out in Funcken).

We came away thinking that all was well with the world, and anything that can make one feel like  that is ok in my humble book http://www.giffordscircus.com/

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  1. Nice blog,I especially like your ECW stuff.