Wednesday, 11 July 2012


A lamentable lack of activity on the blogging front in the last few weeks. I have just found time to comment on some of the blogs I follow, but that is about it. . No particular reason other than normal day to day existence and perhaps a lack of focus, hopping from one wargaming project to another almost on a daily basis, which of course is no use whatsoever. I have just been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knees,  which have been giving me trouble over the last year or so... happily not life threatening but a bother in my line of work, as I am on my feet (or knees) all day. I decided to give myself a day off today and try and finish my Dunwich Horror gameboard, and I have just done so..... the second wargaming project I have finished in my life!! Actually I am waiting for a  friend to sculpt me the Dunwich Horror itself, but as it spends most of the story invisible and hidden in a decaying farmhouse I can show pictures of the board as it stands so far,

Dunwich Village

Osborn's General Store. The loafers outside are Airfix and Imex, the building from Hovels with a scratchbuilt ruined steeple.

The dark and tenebrous bridge over the dark and muttering Miskatonic river.

Wilbur Whateley outside his repellent farmhouse. Wilbur is from Rafm miniatures, a 25mm figure, but as he is meant to be 9 feet tall the figure works well with 1/72 figures. The house and shed are by Model Power.

The queer stone circle on Sentinel Hill

Some nervous villagers confront the Aylesbury Police. Note tentacle emerging from cart.

The intrepid Professors. Armitage, Rice and Morgan from Miskatonic University.

Detail of Wilbur and one of his sickly cattle. Wilbur's twin brother lurks in the house.

The ramp to an upper storey window, making it easier to feed the twin brother.

Some villagers

Wilbur has a strange anatomy

His back is squamous and piebald in black and yellow.

Police from Redbox and Model T from Reviresco

All in all I was quite pleased with the way it came out and I am tempted to have a bash at another 2' x 3' Strange Aeons board....either Innsmouth or the Antarctic.


  1. Absolutely first rate! But it is clear to me (in my new found plant enthusiasm) that Sentinal Hill needs alpines - is it limestone or is there an underlying sandstone ??

    Very sorry about your knees - a rather nasty business.

  2. I love that work!!!!!
    all the scenery and figures are awesome! I'm really impressed .

    I didn't recognize all the figures, especially the villagers (some IMEX Pioneers, maybe some Strelets "boers (not sure!) and maybe too some AIRFIX....)
    and the professors? they are very nice and original figures (AIRFIX? PREISER?)


  3. great little setup, should provide some fun games

    -- Allan

  4. Wonderful! Very nice buildings and figures, the sceneries and the photos are excellent!

  5. Splendid game board and most vexing news re your knees...

  6. Thank you for your kind comments chaps, makes it all worthwhile.
    Sam, most of the villagers are Redbox, with some Airfix and Imex thrown in.

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  8. Very nice looking set up. This is a rule set that certainly tempts me in to having a go.

  9. Are you working too hard, or are you enjoying holidays with your curly headed band? Your blog followers must be told!

  10. Very nice table, miniatures and buildings!!