Saturday, 15 December 2012


Well, here we are after 4 months absence, and I can only offer my apologies for my lack of blogging and more importantly commenting on the jolly good blogs I follow. We have had a busy summer (and good holiday back in August), and I have been pressing on with a few projects, including building some terrain boards for Robin who is now well and truly into our wonderful hobby of playing with little toy soldiers. I have taken him to 3 wargames shows over the past few months (Colours, Warfare and Reveille in Bristol) where we picked up loads of cheap secondhand figures for his collection. This has reminded me of how I started off gaming with metal figures, after the Airfix days, mainly playing Dungeons and Dragons and poring over White Dwarf back in the late 70's early 80's. I dug out my old White Dwarfs (happily I kept them all from 1-150) and thought about having a bash at building the forces for the Warhammer scenario Thistlewood in WD 45 , those happy times when Games Workshop let players use their imagination and any figures they could get their hands on. I tried to do this in 1983 but one can't get many figures on the earnings of a paperound which was the only income I had then.

Here are a unit of loyal Dwarfs (Dwarves) which I based about 10 years ago but never painted, figures mainly Dixon with a few Irregular thrown in. I have put them in a sort of uniform as they are meant to be part of a mainly human army, and the standard depicts the Sun in Splendour of Trompenburg, my ever present fantasy state. If I get around to painting the rest of the army they will be wearing the Maroon and Green colours of Tromenburg as well.

I can't quite decide how to finish the bases, so may leave them until I have more figures done.


  1. Welcome back! You have been much missed in the blogosphere! I thoroughly approve of your Sun in Splendour banner - Sol Invictus, the source of all energy. There is a very good book on Mithras that attempts to chart the history of how Mithras eventually came to replace Sol Invictus, who was, of course, replaced, in turn, by Christ. But, I'm damn'd if can remember the name f the author!

  2. Splendid dwarves you have there.It is great to have you back amongst us!
    best wishes

  3. Thanks Gents, nice to be back and hopefully I can keep up regular postings. The Mithras book sounds good... I might have to look into that.

  4. Ha, found it! I knew I had it somewhere. It's The Roman Cult of Mithras; the god and his mysteries, by Manfred Clauss, translated by Richard Gordon (Rutledge, New York, 2001).

  5. Sounds like a good read...I shall get onto that when possible. Thanks Alan

  6. Talking of Mithras do you chaps know "Ash " by Mary Gentle ? A splendid novel with a super 15th century feel to it,amongst other things...

  7. Ah nostalgia I too remember the days when GW weren't the Evil Empire...

    Nice looing dwarves... the bases, maybe a light grey dry brush and the odd tuft of yellowish static grass?