Saturday, 5 January 2013


Taking the opportunity to use up a couple of days of 2012 leave, I took yesterday and today off. Yesterday we headed over the old Severn Bridge to Chepstow castle and laid siege to it

The victorious army storms the drawbridge into the barbican.

 The castle is certainly situated in a dramatic location, and the use of natural defences is stunning, the River Wye being visible on the right, flowing past the base of a sheer cliff on which the castle is perched. 

Today we visited a slightly more peaceful landscape in the form of Boughton-on-the-Water model village
 A fine testament to the English eccentric (building model houses and miniature landscapes....potty). The model, built in 1937 is a 1/9th scale replica of the heart of the Cotswold town, complete with flowing river, bridges and miniature gardens.

Here George displays a worrying interest in the Aston Martin (?) parked outside the largest domicile in the village.

Some of the buildings are starting to show their age a bit, but it was a great day out. From the little shop I picked up this splendid title

Absolutely tailor made for the outdoor wargaming enthusiast, and I heartily recommend it to any FLW enthusiasts who plan on building more permanent terrain in their gardens.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book
 "This book is about an absorbing new hobby-how to make a miniature living landscape. It might be as small as a window box or large enough to hold a model thatched cottage with trees, forests, lakes and downs. This is an entirely new gardening activity and one that will fascinate all those, young and old alike, who are interested in gardening or are looking for a new pastime.

The plants and trees are individually described, and instructions and advice are given on the various containers which can form a home for the miniature landscape. Planting and care, fencing gates, brickwork, tools, pottery, nailing, painting, streams and farm equipment are all clearly explained. The book is about the fun, adventure and pure pleasure of creating an individual tiny world..."

I think we can all relate to the last sentence. I can see a sudden surge of miniature plants (all suitable varieties listed in the book, some of which I have never heard of) being stocked at work as soon as we start buying in stock again...


  1. Great post,super photos and another seed of an idea sown by your book-oh dear :)
    best wishes

  2. Thanks for sharing, its the castles I miss most, since leaving the UK...

    That book sounds interesting too!

  3. Nice photos of Chepstow castle.

    Thanks for posting details about the book (author has the right name for landscapes), I've ordered one - need some inspiration for rebuild of my garden railway.

    -- Allan

  4. What fine little chaps you have ! Long may they storm castles and be entranced by the magic of childhood.