Thursday, 23 January 2014

THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES (or what have I let myself in for now)

It's safe to say that I don't need any more projects on the go at the moment, not having enough time to concentrate on one, let alone nine  or ten , so I was astounded to hear myself saying to my 2 older sons (Thing 1 and Thing 2)"Why don't we collect the armies to re-fight the battle in The Hobbit?" Needless to say they thought it would be a good idea (particularly as I would be stumping up for the figures).

The Battle of The Five Armies by John Blanche
in A Tolkien Bestiary by David Day

We decided on 1/72 scale mainly for cheapness and there are a couple of companies producing really nice boxes of figures at about £6 for 40 odd figures. I need to sit down and work out exactly what we need to get, but I reckon we should be able to do the battle on a scale of 1:20 for under £100. Thing 1 already had some Light Alliance Dwarves on the go so these will form the basis for Dain Ironfoot's 500 grim warriors, and we have been sent a bundle of Caesar Dwarves by a kind fellow blogger (thanks Douglas).

Great figures based heavily (or copied) on the Lord of the Rings films. 

Not bad painting for a 10 year old (he's now 11, but did these last year for a Moria game).

I am thinking of doing the elves first using Caesar figures, and then there are an awful lot of goblins to do..


  1. Very nicely painted figures ! - and what a project ! , I did not know of the existence of plastic (non GW ) figures

  2. good idea ! I'm really interested !
    The Dark Alliance Orcs and Dwarves are better than the Caesar ones, in my opinion (some comparisons on my blog) but for the elves the Caesar are better. Not sure that I would choose the odd Caesar Goblins ....
    For the men, what do you will use ? like they are not typically an army, it will be difficult to find the good sets maybe.

    Oh! and congrats to your son: he did a really good work on those dwarves !

    1. Many thanks, I'll be reviewing the Caeasr orcs soon (they are a bit Games Workshop for me). For men I have thought about using Russians from Redbox like the guys in the new film but we will see.

  3. Excellent project idea. I can't wait to see it unfold.

    1. Thanks Brett, I hope it does unfold and not come to a halt like so many of my other ideas, but with the kids driving me it should bear fruit.