Monday, 4 May 2015


Painting has been going on, but lack of daylight in the evening (after family chores are done) means I haven't been able to take any pictures of finished troops. I've just spent this evening getting these guys ready for the brush. They will be Waller's dragoons when finished.

I've plastered them in Milliput, Liquid Greenstuff and Vallejo plastic filler after swapping a few heads round. Bucket top boots were added, muskets shortened and hats made more puritanical. More blurb on the last unit of dragoons I did (3 years ago!!) is here.

Other news at Atticus Towers is that I have been forking out on 1/32 ACW figures with a vengeance and have found quite a few good deals. Initial plan is to do the battle at Little Round Top on a scale of 1/10 or 1/20, but this will be far in the future...I couldn't help buying the figures though especially after watching this

There are some great models of Joshua Chamberlain available, and I believe you can get an Ellis Spear figure, complete with his trademark pipe (not shown in this clip from the film Gettysburg ).

Finally , on the First of May, we went down to watch the Bathampton Morris Men perform their annual dance outside the school where they were formed 81 years ago. 

The Village children welcome in The May.

The Mast Beast is hailed .

The Hobby Horse/ Mast Beast is usually a firm favourite with the kiddiwinks, but this year our youngest took fright at it's clacking mouth and took to his heels. You can put money it the beasts mouth to fund the dancer's post performance pub visit. A good start to the Summer.


  1. I like the Dragoon conversions , Tony

    1. Thanks Tony, hopefully start painting tonight.

  2. Great pics and looks like a great family atmosphere.

    The ECW conversions look excellent, even before painting.

    I have a few (maybe 20 or so) 1/32 ACW figures and a few cannon, which I'll never use if you'd like them. Better they go to good use. Some Timpo and a few Italeri. A few might be painted - but if you can use them for a game, they're yours.

    1. Thanks M de Duc. Yep please!! Any donations most welcome, although it might be a while before they are put into action. I was thinking of doing ACW in 1/72 but went for big scale easier on the eyes. I'll link up with you somehow via email.

    2. No problem. Try ducdegobin@gmail.com and I can send them over.

      I have 4no painted and 1no unpainted Timpo
      11no 1/32 Imex (I thought they were Italeri but look like Imex - good figures though)
      2no artillery men (Imex)
      1no Artillery Piece
      (I thought I had more artillery, so I'll have a look)

  3. The dragoon conversions have started very well indeed and will look the part when painted I am sure.
    Round Top- now there's a project!
    I enjoyed seeing the Morris Men and their awesome hobbyhorse.

  4. One of the great scenes from the movie Gettysburg. A reenactor friend of mine was a small part of that scene, and he always spoke of how disillusioning it was for him to see the actor playing Chamberlain using his sword to practice his golf putt between takes. :)
    I've always thought a unit of Morris men would make a great unit for an ECW or VBCW game.