Thursday, 17 March 2016


I went to see The VVitch last night , which lived up to all my expectations. We don't get to see many films set in the 17c , and rarely one where the dialogue, costume and behaviour of the protagonists is so well portrayed. The director had clearly done his homework and I recognised several real quotes from 17c witch witch trials. It certainly wasn't an easy watch, the burgeoning sense of paranoia, the graphic portrayal of witches rites (as recorded in trial testimonies) and the discordant soundtrack all added up to make a harrowing yet compelling film. I'll certainly be buying it when it's released on DVD to add to the folk horror collection.

Now...who does figures of 17c witches and civilians....?


  1. I was impressed by the trailer.
    Can I ask what other dvds are in the folk horror collection?

    1. That'll be Blood on Satan's Claw, Witchfinder General (the most horrific of the lot in my opinion), The Wicker Man, A Field in England, and I want to get Robin Redbreast as well (a BBC Play for Today).

  2. Yes, Robert Eggers did a *wonderful* job on The Witch. I saw Witchfinder General in 1968 (!) - yes I was a teenager - and it has haunted my days ever since (rather as Robin of Sherwood did yours); the death of director Michael Reeves at such a young age was a tragic blow to the development of British film. And Vincent Price seemed never to understand or appreciate that Reeves had coaxed Price's career-best performance out of him. Your Folk Horror collection matches mine - and there is an interesting book of essays - Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies - available as a print-on-demand from lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com/shop/folk-horror-revival/folk-horror-revival-field-studies/paperback/product-22498164.html) and no, I have no personal involvement in the book or website apart from intense interest ! I also highly suggest adding Wheatley's KILL LIST to the collection, and the essential, unmissable PENDA'S FEN, just re-issued by BFI. great blog/
    site, thank you!

  3. Hi Iain, thanks for your comment. I have Penda's Fen in my Amazon basket. I've never seen it, but reading the reviews it seems like the kind of thing I SHOULD have seen as a teenager, so I am buying it for my oldest lad. I also want to get Robin Redbreast, which sounds pretty disturbing. Might I suggest (if you haven't seen it already) A Field in England, which has that "sinister England" vibe which we clearly both appreciate. Not to be sneezed at is The Moon Stallion which I saw as a child and the image of Wayland Smith in his barrow has haunted me ever since. Another play I want to track down, I heard on Radio 4 about 5 years ago, about human sacrifices being made to the Severn Bore in modern England...if you know the name of the play do let me know. I'll be getting the Lulu guide...thanks for bringing it to my attention,