Friday 18 May 2012


What a hectic week. We have suddenly become busy at work (thank goodness) and are pulling out all the stops , buying in lots of lovely plants. The trade is so weather dependant, we are at the mercy of the elements. I also took delivery of a couple of DVDs this week. The X-Files season 4, and The Whisperer in Darkness (latter produced by the H P Lovercraft Historical Society)

, so I have been distracted by a) Gillian Anderson and b) six foot flying lobsters bent on world domination. I was a bit disappointed by the Whisperer having waited 3 years to see this film made, I hoped the HPLHS would have faithfully followed the original story but they turned it into a corny B-Movie with slightly horrific additions. The trailer they made was very good however and promised great things

Either way, eldritch horror has been high on the agenda (particularly this morning tackling George's nappy) and I have started making some scenery for the game Strange Aeons, hoping to make a gameboard based on Lovecraft's story The Dunwich Horror. Work in progress at the moment, but as it is a small project with few figures needed I may even get things finished. The boards for Strange Aeons is only 2' x 3' so it is possible to custom make terrain for different scenarios.

So far

Some Dunwich rustics and straw sucking hayseeds (mainly Redbox figures but the guy on the far left holding the rabbits is a Pegasus chap)

Professors Armitage, Rice and Morgan (Airfix)

The ill fated policemen (they get eaten) Redbox figures again.

Some of the Whateley clan's diseased cattle (Pegasus figures)

The Whateley House, boarded up to contain Wilbur's twin brother!!

The dark and tenebrous covered bridge that leads to Dunwich

the ruined church of Dunwich, now Osborne's General Stores.

More to follow soon..........


  1. Glad the gardener types have been buying - it's still raining in West Mercia, so the most I expect to manage this weekend will be seeds into pots. Must say, some very nice paint jobs on the figures, and I rather liked the B movie feel to the clip. Would a rather retiring chap find Lovecraft too scary, do you think?

  2. Look forward to seeing the game develop. Awfully chilly up here in Tradagardland.Hope Sunday will be an equitable temperature and allow gardening to proceed minus thermals...

  3. This morning bodes well, slightly misty and cool (my favourite weather) but not raining. Alfront, no I don't think you would find Lovecraft too scary, but perhaps rather strange! The best collection of stories to start with is The Haunter of the Dark and Other Tales, but don't be put off by any gory front covers, the stories are far more subtle. As a stout hearted Englishman, I assume you have read M R James? Now those stories ARE scary, but wonderful and provide a 'pleasing terror'.