Sunday 20 May 2018


I decided to pop over the the Lincombe Barn Tabletop sale in Bristol this morning, as there are often bargains to be had.... today was no exception and I came back with the following (none of which I need of course). A couple of times I hesitated over the purchase, which resulted in the seller knocking something off the price....I must remember that trick.

2 Boxes of 28mm Old Glory ACW infantry (76 mint metal figures for £25). I have been thinking about this period for ages now and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss.  I can always paint them and sell them if the project comes to nothing (justify purchase frantically).

Really nice sculpts, with a sort of Peter Gilder feel about them

A book on the battles of the ACW £2

A Citadel Fighting fantasy warrior 50p from 1984 (this will be going on ebay or will end up as a 54mm orc).

2 Reaper Frost Giants £8 (been thinking about getting these for a while, and the supply of Reaper figs seems to have dried up since Brexit and Trump).

2 Plastic trolls £2 for both, for a box of 54mm LOTR figures I'm hoarding. Pelennor Fields in 1/32 will be impressive.

Finally for £10 a tray of 96 25mm Renaissance Spanish, from the collection of Donald Featherstone. I picked these from Chris Scott, who had no idea what make they were, neither do I. A couple of Hinchliffe bods,but the rest are quite slight and beautifully proportioned Pikemen, musketeers, swordsmen and halberdiers. These might be heading to the front of the painting queue. If anyone can tell me what make they are I would be grateful (the pikeman has an S code on the base, but I don't think they are Minifigs).

So, all in all I spent more than I intended, but was pleased by my swag.

Saturday 19 May 2018


Hurrah.... the 19th May, the day England was declared a Commonwealth in 1649.

Have a good day.

Saturday 5 May 2018


I'm something of a Luddite and generally eschew new technology as I don't understand it very well and it scares me. However this ostrich mentality has left by blogging in the lurch as my trusty camera died some time ago, and I have shied away from getting a decent mobile with camera (my current mobile telephone is a 9 year old Nokia which has been maltreated, dropped, washed twice and generally abused, but is still functioning).

However a post from Alan at Tradgardland demonstrated that with perseverance one can overcome these technological hurdles, so I borrowed Mrs. Atticus' mobile and managed to take some pictures with it!!

I've been managing to do a bit of painting and even some gaming recently, and a chat with 2 of my wargames buddies has enthused me to try painting some Italian Wars figures. I've always been keen on this conflict since the Peter Gilder days in Miniature Wargames. Rather than dashing off and buying loads of new figures however, I thought I would try and use figures from the lead mountain.

To start with I thought I would have a go at an unctuous Cardinal, which no Italian Wars game should be without. Perry Miniatures make a cracking cardinal model, but I already had an Essex one, so added a chinstrap to his hat, which made him look a bit more Renaissance than Medieval.

Painting defects show up in these photos, but at least I got some paint on figures which is the main thing. The sidekick banner bearer is an Essex johnny too, and just as I had finished him, I dropped him and 2 of the crosses on the banner broke off. 

I like the cardinal figure as he reminds me of the actor Murray Melvin

I'm painting up some handgunners at the moment and have an idea to do a Venetian army in the defence of Padua 1509, although this chap has a Papal banner at the moment.