Thursday 12 February 2015


I'm managing to stick to my plan so far and cracking on with one project, although other ideas are jostling to get to the front of the queue, including getting out my 28mm Thirty Years War figures and doing something with them (they are of course unpainted). I went along to Crusade at Penarth a couple of weeks ago and an old re-enactment chum was putting on a huge game of Lutzen 1632, using his newly published rules.

The game (pictures lifted from Captain Generals blog as I forgot my camera...again)

The rules
available from

I am tempted to do Mansfeld's rag-tag army in 28mm.

There was also a brilliant 54mm Fantasy game put on by The Skirmish Wargames Group. One of the members said he would mail me some pictures, so hopefully I can post them soon.

Here's the latest unit for Lansdown 54mm.

Not sure whom these guys will be yet....possibly Maurice's Regiment?

I painted them to look like a really flaky unit from the Sealed Knot back in the 1980's. Hats turned up at the side (usually fixed with a new age celtic brooch), startling white hose, and matching gingery breeches......true old school ECW.

The officer on the left is possibly the oldest figure I own (or one of them). He used to belong to my brother and had been in the wars, missing his sword blade and left hand. I repainted him to match the original light blue plastic. The ensign is from a dump bin at a show, again he was missing both hands, and the drummer is A Call to Arms but with a Maros Models head.

A generic flag, loosely based on Gerard's colour.

I found these fellows at a show for the pricely sum of 50p. It was hard to see what they were, but embedded in all the flash was a musketeer in 2 parts (the right arm and musket was a separate piece). They have the look and flash one associated with Replicants, but I couldn't be sure. Original colour was bright red plastic. 
Just realised the belt buckles need painting, must get that done.


  1. Great looking figures there- very similar to the colouring of my old SK regt Manus O'Cahans.We had ginger/brown breeches and green jackets/doublets. In fact I had a lovely celtic jewel to fasten my belted plaid,not to mention the floppy hat....
    Can we have a command figure that you convert to look like Peter Young next please!?

  2. Love the ECW regiment, nice uniform

    -- Allan

  3. Lovely big old school figures. The chap with the flag is especially dapper. I take it your description of the reeneactors is somewhat amused, and that Celtic jewels pinning up hats were not well documented? :)
    On my side of the water American Civiil War reenacting had the same sort of thing in my day. No one wanted to be a generic Yank. You had to a have a deer tail on your hat, leggings, a Henry repeater with a scope, a motor home to go to after the "battle" and be considerably heavier than any two real ACW soldiers. We called them "farbs". Does that term mean anything in ECW circles?

  4. Yes, there were (and I daresay still are) some howling anachronisms back in the 1980's, and I hold my hand up to participating in some of them (I had a leather pouch on my belt which I believe was from some 1960's army kit, it had a pop stud, I also had a naff pewter tankard among other mistakes). I think there is/was a temptation to portray the rare extremes instead of the boring rank and file as well. True about many re-enactors being too chubby (I always think of that when I see the famous " 3 confederate prisoners " photo...they look so lean and wiry. But in the long run, it's only a hobby and most participators are kind at heart and genuinely respect the people they are trying to portray. Not heard of the expression "farbs"...can you elaborate?

  5. Beautiful work. I love the rescued Ensign. The coat looks it was a chore to paint.