Sunday 11 September 2011


My oldest son, Robin (Thing 3) was 9 today and specifically requested we went to Raglan Castle, so Mrs. Atticus bundled the cake and other sundry provisions into the car and off we headed across the old Severn bridge.  We got to the castle in just over an hour and had a jolly time (or at least the children did, we spent most of it with our hearts in our mouths trying to stop Things 2 and 3 plummetting out of an arrowslit or similar). We repaired to the outer bailey for sustenance, where there were less steep drops.
Thing 3 (Young George) heading towards the moat

The Raspberry and Chocolate cake has attracted a pair of dragons from the castle well

As we were on the other side of the Severn , we decided to head down to Caerleon and take a look at the Roman remains there as Robin is starting the Romans as a project at school (having done the Anglo-Saxons and the Egyptians, who needs chronology?).

The amphitheatre is very impressive, but for me not the highlight of the trip. I don't profess to detect psychic auras or similar, but very few places give me the abdabs like this one (it was the same when I visited about 12 years ago). I really find the idea of gladiatoral combat and the Roman games completely sickening.

Anyhow the lads had no such qualms and charged in with a will. I took a few shots for the school work

Next we had a look at the barracks, where Robin gleefully demostrated the site of the latrines

Then on to the museum, which was really good, and free to get in on a Sunday!
As usual the dummies on display were in classic 1st century Roman kit (provided by the omnipotent Ermine Street Guard)

It would be nice to see some second or third century reproductions for a change (or even better 4th or 5th!)

Anyhow time for a quick look in the bohemian Arthurian yard at the South Gate of Caerleon
Merlin and Arthur (Thing 2)

 and back in time to assemble the Harry Potter lego that Robin got for his birthday. What fun.

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  1. Stout fellows (54mm ) in the previous post and here in this one too. A great day out and super photos - thanks for sharing them with us.